Access to affordable, long-term financing remains a major impediment to SME growth in Zambia.

At Kukula Capital we believe that providing capital to small and medium-sized enterprises is only part of the solution for spurring their growth and development. SME’s often lack technical expertise and a relevant network for taking the companies to the next level, and additional resources and competencies that can supplement the management team are therefore necessary.

In order to bring further sustainable development to Zambia, the country must also look to foreign investors bringing in quality products and expertise to the marketplace. Kukula Capital serves as a facilitator of FDI and as a bridge between Zambia and international investors.

Kukula Capital offers investors a number of innovative financial solutions and services through its two main areas of business:

Fund management

Through its two venture funds: Kukula Fund I and Kukula Seed Fund, Kukula Capital acts as fund manager, overseeing the two funds investments and engaging actively with management of the portfolio companies in an effort to grow the companies while having a positive impact on the Zambian economy.


Kukula Capital’s advisory services is split into two main categories: Corporate Finance advisory and Strategic Consulting. Our Corporate Finance offering extends to all levels of business in most of Southern Africa. Strategic Consulting is mainly targeted foreign investors looking to enter the Zambian market. Kukula Capital can facilitate local partner identification, conduct market research and advise on local regulation.